Caring for Vintage

Style & Salvage does not guarantee any item against damage incurred from improper handling, tailoring, dry cleaning, home laundering, washing in a dishwasher or cleaning with any cleaning product.
          Caring for Vintage Garments
  • Vintage items should be worn and/or handled with consideration of their age. Most items on our website are at least 20 years old. Each vintage item has been used, loved and stored with care for many years before reaching you. Knowing how to care for your vintage item is essential. Proper care will ensure its continued long life.
  • Most vintage garments were not designed for modern machine washing and drying, they should be hand washed and air dried or dry cleaned.
  • To ensure that your vintage garment is water safe do a spot test. Place a drop of water in an area where it will not be noticed, inner seams work well. Let the drop dry and if the fabric puckers or runs you garment is not water safe and must be dry cleaned.
  • Dry clean any garment that is lined, has beading or sequins, embroidery work, silk, rayon or velvet. Furs and leathers need to be taken to a cleaner with experience cleaning these materials. Use a reliable dry cleaner that is familiar with vintage items.
  • Never store your garments on wire hangers, in plastic, in the sun or in areas that get extremely hot, cold or damp.

    Caring for Vintage Housewares
  • Any vintage kitchen item you receive will need hand washed before using! Most of these items have been sitting in storage for decades and have accumulated dust and other things you don't want to be eating. We do wipe them out before shipping, but they will need properly cleaned before use.
  • Vintage housewares, including, but not limited to,  glasses, dishes and mixing bowls, should always be hand washed. Never put a vintage item in the dishwasher. Dishwashing these items will remove decoration, destroy the finish and can even crack or break them.
  • To dust or clean other vintage housewares we suggest using a soft cloth dampened with only water. If more drastic measures are necessary a very mild soap or white vinegar can be used, test in a small area first and be sure to rinse thoroughly.
  • Does your item have a bamboo handle that needs attached? Soak the bamboo it water for several minutes and it will become pliable, the longer the soaking the more pliable it will become. Never try to force bamboo into submission, it will crack or splinter!

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