Sizing & Condition

  • Vintage clothing was cut and sized much differently than modern clothing. It is important to know your measurements. These garments can be fragile, wearing something that is too tight for you can damage the garment.
  • Many vintage garments were cut in a way to allow altering by a tailor for a customized fit. Please contact us if your measurements are off by just a bit, we can let you know if altering is possible.
  • Keep in mind, if your waist measures 26” and the waist of your dress measures 26” you are going to be squeezed into it! Allow some room to breathe, sit down, eat, etc. Be honest about your measurements and what you find comfortable.
  • Many vintage garments are not lined. They were made to be worn with proper undergarments, slips, girdles, pettipants, etc.
  • All sizes shown on garments, in photos, or in item title are approximate.
  • Title and menus may show Small, Medium, Large, etc. for search reasons. Below is an estimate of what these abbreviations may mean.
  • The measurements shown below can vary based on garment style and cut.
  • Please use measurement chart within the item description for the exact sizing of each garment.
  • All shoe sizes listed are an estimate. Please measure your feet and a pair of similar shoes to determine fit. 

    Sizes Below are Estimates

    Women's Sizing:

    Waist/Bust Size:

    XS- 0-24"/0-32"

    S- 25-27"/33-34"

    M- 28-29"/ 35/36"

    L- 30-31"/37-39"

    XL- 32"+/40"+


    Men's Shirt/Jacket Sizing:

    Chest Measurement:

    XS- 0-36"

    S- 37-40"

    M- 41-43"

    L- 44-46"

    XL- 47"+


    Suit Jacket Length:

    Short- 0-29"

    Regular- 30-31"



    Pants Sizing:

    Waist Measurement:

    XS- 24-26"

    S- 28-30"

    M- 32-34"

    L- 36-38"

    XL- 40-42"

    XXL- 44-46"


    Suit Sizing:

    Actual chest measurement of the jacket minus 2".

    A jacket that measures 44" armpit to armpit will be marked as a 42.



    Mint- Pristine as the day it was made, shows no signs of wear.

    Near Mint- Item shows only the slightest signs of wear.

    Excellent-  Item shows typical signs of wear due to occasional use.

    Very Good- Item is wearable, but has some surface flaws such as fading or staining.

    Good- Item is wearable, but cannot be returned to excellent condition even with repairs.

    Fair- Item is barely wearable, could be used for a costume or as a project piece.

    Poor- Item is not wearable and could only be used for repurposing or a pattern. 

    What is an Inventory #?  

    This number is for identification purposes and helps us find your item in our warehouse!

    Fit Guide-

    • This fit guide explains how and where we take our measurements. We measure the actual garment from the outside unless otherwise noted. 
    • Please take your measurements (or measure a garment with a similar cut you already own) for an idea of fit. We are unable to guess if an item will fit you or if an item is similar to a modern day size.

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