XS Reproduction 1780s Robe A L'Anglais Dress Box Pleat Embroidered Petticoat 5pc Repro Gown



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Though not original, this set is a great reproduction set of a mid to late 18th century garment. The set comes with multiple pieces, including stays, panniers, two petticoats, a skirt, the overdress, an apron, and a fichu (kerchief). This would be great to wear as a costume for theatre or a re-enactment event.

Condition: Good
Condition Details: Stays: The stays have a spot on the wearer's right inside. The binding is slightly worn, but does not affect the structural stability of the garment. There is some slight seam separation on the outer underarm seam. The boning is strong and overall the garment is very sound.
Petticoats: The hem of the first petticoat is slightly dingy, but should wash clean. The second petticoat has some rust stains around the top hook and eye. There are several spots across the bottom of the petticoat. There is some discoloration in parts of the embroidery. The top petticoat is historically accurate with its raw hem. There is some dinginess at the bottom of the hem.
Apron: has a small spot on the wearer's upper left hand side, and some of the floral appliques are peeling up.
The neckerchief has some snags and pulls to the textile. The lace edge is in good shape.
The side hoops are structurally sound.
Dress: There is a small spot on one of the folds in the wearer's middle right. Hard to see when worn. There is a spot on the lining inside at the wearer's right. There are spots on the lining at the back of the bodice of the gown, and around the lining of the sleeves. The lining is coming apart from the gown at the side seams. There is some seam stress around the waist. There are some spots at the hem of the gown around the circumference, as well as some dinginess and a water mark at the wearer's bottom left. There is some seam stress at the sleeve seams, and some minor seam separation at the wearer's back left side seam.

Size Marked: Unmarked
Approximate Size: XS-Small
**Please Check Measurements to be Sure!

Textile: Unmarked, Cotton and Silk
Lining Type: Dress: Partially Lined, Petticoats: Unlined
Closure: Stays: center back lacing, Overdress: center front lacing, Skirt: side hooks, Petticoats: drawstring and hooks
Label: Unmarked
Era: 2000s

Shoulder to Shoulder: 17" (shoulder straps are adjustable for height)
Bust: 31"
Waist: 22"
Length: 18"
**Corsets and stays are meant to compress the body. These are measurements taken with the back touching, typically corsets can be worn with 1"-2" of space in the back with the lacing. Please note, most people buy stays/corsets 1"-3" smaller than their actual measurements at the waist**

Shoulder to Shoulder: 13"
Shoulder to Cuff: 24"
Bust: 36"
Waist: 29"
Hips: 74"
Length: 59"
**This is meant to be worn over the stays and other structural undergarments**

Waist: 28"
Hips: 74"
Length: 40"
**This is meant to be worn over the stays and other structural undergarments**

Drawstring Petticoat
Waist: 50"
Hips: 84"
Length: 36"
**The waist is fully adjustable with ties and can fit a variety of sizes**

Embroidered Petticoat
Waist: 32"
Hips: 60"
Length: 37"
All measurements taken with garment flat and doubled when necessary.
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